2 Apartment Dwellings Restored

Date:10 May, 2017

Skills:2 Apartment Dwellings Restored

2 Apartment Dwellings Restored

In June of 2013 a fire destroyed 2 apartment dwellings inside a Harrisburg, PA home, and badly damaged both the house and porch roofs.

In June of 2013, a fire damaged two apartment homes in Harrisburg, PA.

Damage Description
The blaze caused extensive damage to both the interior and exterior of the home. Inside the home, two apartments were destroyed. On the exterior of the home, the house roof and porch roof were damaged, as well as the exterior brick front.

ACCORD Restoration was called by the property manager to assess the damage. Working with the company’s insurance adjuster, ACCORD began work promptly. The two interior apartments were completely gutted and rebuilt. On the exterior,
brick was repaired and both the house roof and the porch roof were replaced. ACCORD was able to maintain the historic look of the home throughout the renovation.

Impact on Claim
The home was restored beyond its original state. ACCORD Restoration was able to meet the property manager’s goal of renting the apartments by October, 2013.