Sewer Damage Restoration

Date:10 May, 2017

Sewer Damage Restoration

A toilet overflow on the main level of a home caused extensive damage to main level kitchen and hallway flooring, as well as basement ceiling, wall and floor damage.

On February 14, 2012, the main level bathroom toilet overflowed in a home in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania causing sewer damage to both the main and basement levels of the home.

Damage Description
Main level sewer damage included hardwood floors in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom and foyer. Additionally, sewage and water seeped into the fully-finished basement through the ceiling, causing damage to the ceiling, drywall and the carpet.

The call was received at ACCORD Restoration at 9:30 p.m. By 10:30 p.m. ACCORD’s clean-up crew was there beginning the clean-up process. Kitchen damage included hardwood floors under custom cabinets, therefore cabinets and countertops had to be removed in order to be saved. ACCORD Restoration cleaned up and dried out the sewer damage, then began restoration. All damaged flooring was removed, custom cabinets and countertops were removed in the kitchen, as well as ceiling and damaged drywall in the basement. New flooring and drywall was installed, and custom cabinets and countertops were reinstalled.

Impact on Claim
The home was restored to its original beauty, and because of the speed of cleanup and dryout, damage was minimized and mold was prevented. The homeowners were happy that their custom cabinets were saved, and that the home was restored quickly.